Auction 97 Highlights

Welcome to Smalls Auctions Sale 97.

As the world enters a new ‘Ikea Age’ there has been a considerable cooling in people’s interest in traditional collectables, so much so that they now often trade at a fraction of their past worth.

It is a telling consequence of the new throwaway society that people ‘must have’ the latest iteration of an iPhone so that they can ‘fully appreciate’ the latest episode of an historical rip-off knowing nothing of the classical work on which it is based.

It is true that museums these days digitise their collections for broader reach, but it is still no substitute for being in the room in the presence of history or genius. Certainly, people have not as yet given up the pleasures of taste and smell associated with food and, similarly we argue that there is much to be said for the tactile sensation of holding a precious item rather than just looking at it on a flat screen.

The labours of craftmanship are not yet dead and so in this sale we are offering an interesting selection of small collectables to re-clutter the desktops and shelves left barren by the cult of minimalism.

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