Auction 90 Highlights

Welcome to Sale 90.

We have noted the rapid rise in the price of Silver and Gold in recent weeks and so have included a selection of coins in both precious metals.

Historically, when currency was underpinned by its metal value Silver was worth around one sixth of the price of Gold, but this nexus was irretrievably broken with the rise of Fiat Currency. The price of Silver remained depressed through the 1900s while the U.S. chewed though the vast silver reserves it inherited when it annexed the Territory of New Mexico – although it did go for a phenomenal run back in 1980 when the billionaire Hunt brothers attempted to corner the Silver market controlling at one time two thirds of the World’s Silver reserves. The arrival of digital photography landed another blow to the use of Silver and its glory days looked well in the past, that is until the Green Revolution arrived. The recent Covid-19 crisis has seen the value of oil plummet and with a renewed focus on energy generation shifting from fossil fuels to clean green power it appears that the World has just woken up to Silver’s pivotal role in the coming revolution. Glory days are here again it would appear.

We have included a number of key dates in the British West Africa coin series. Most are not high grades, but they are very difficult to find in any condition. If you are a collector of this series, it is well worth a look.

If you are looking for rarity and condition, then go no further than the New Guinea 1935 Proof 3d and 6d and the New Guinea 1936 Proof Penny. All three are the finest known examples of these exceedingly rare coins with the 1936 Penny having the bonus of being one of the few coin issues struck during the tumultuous reign of King Edward VIII.

We have also included a few other rare world proofs from the famous Jerome Remick collection for the specialist collector.

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