Auction 78 Highlights

Welcome to Smalls Auction Sale 78.

In this sale we concentrate on ‘Coins of Africa’ which includes high grade and rare coins from the esteemed collections of Pridmore, Ford & Remick. These numismatic luminaries had a particular interest in the British colonies especially British West Africa and many of their coins made it into the collection of Mark Freehill an Australian collector who was held in equally high esteem in local circles.

The coins are the crème de la crème of the series and a particular highlight is the finest known BWA 1936 H 1/10 Penny in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Jerome Remick rated this a 'rare' coin and paid a hefty sum of USD $200 in 1967 for the example in his own collection which subsequently graded NGC MS61. He was unable to better it and he described it as one of the rarest of the British Empire coins writing in 1968 that he believed that only 15 to 35 had survived.

Another coin from the series that tops the list is the 1922 KN Penny. When the Remick collection was sold in 2006 this coin was described as “probably an impaired proof.” It is a much rarer coin than even he envisaged with this being the only example ever offered for public sale. Perhaps there is another one out there but at the moment it appears to be unique in private hands.

Have a look also at the 1913 (L) Halfpenny which was not only missing from the Remick Collection but also the eponymous catalogue that bears his name. How many have turned up in recent years is unknown, but it is certainly a rarity.

These are but a few of the rare and interesting coins in this sale which offers collectors a once in a lifetime chance to secure elusive dates in highly competitive grades.

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