Auction 77 Highlights

Welcome to Smalls Auctions Sale 77.

Due to the ramifications caused by the Covid-19 Virus we will be running this sale over two weeks to enable us to adjust to the new world order.

This sale concentrates on historical medals and medalets and includes some extremely rare offerings.

The ‘Resolution & Adventure’ Medal struck in 1772 in pure copper is an exciting item. It is likely that this was a trial strike undertaken before the silver medals were produced. It is the first we have seen, and it is exceedingly rare if not unique. There is also a La Perouse Medal in bronze with a suspension loop attached. Again, this attachment to this extremely rare medal is one that we have never encountered before, but it mimics the ‘Resolution & Adventure’ medals in platina which inspired the issue. A superb ‘specimen’ strike of the bronze medal struck in 1826 to commemorate the Voyage of the Corvette Astrolabe to the South Pacific is also historically important. It was this voyage that confirmed the awful fate that befell the La Perouse voyage.

These are but a few of the highlights in this sale and we encourage those with an historical bent to look closely on what is on offer.

Happy bidding

Smalls Auctions