Auction 70 Highlights

Welcome to Sale 70.

Its not often that we can offer a coin so rare that it compares favourably to any on the world stage.

Of course, we all know that since the advent of third-party grading cashed-up collectors will ratchet up what they are prepared to pay to secure the finest known example of a proof or circulating coin. But if there is only one coin that has survived then it is ‘rarity’ the kicks in.

The 1797 ‘Emergency’ Dollar that resulted from the countermarking of a 1792 French Ecu with the head of King George III in 1797 is just such a coin. The host coin struck at the provincial Toulouse Mint has a previously unrecorded ‘error’ edge inscription and so was rare in its own right but was made doubly rare by the countermark. It’s a coin not to be missed if your budget allows you to collect the best of the best.

The sale also includes an incredible 1960s Women’s dress watch crafted in 14ct White & Yellow Gold and heavily encrusted with Diamonds and Emeralds. It’s modestly reserved considering a recent valuation of AUD $25,000 and is certainly worth a look. In a similar vein the bespoke Edwardian Pendant in 22ct Gold with Old-cut Diamonds and Demantoid Garnets and strung on a custom-made snake chain is a showstopper. Two great pieces for collectors of Fine Jewellery.

Also, in the Sale is a cameo selection of Australian and World coins & banknotes as well as some historical Government documents that track Australia’s early progress as a nation and a wide array of interesting collectables.

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