Auction 62 Highlights

Welcome to Smalls Auctions Sale 62

The most interesting items in this sale are perhaps the most confronting. In 1986, in the pre-Internet age, Sydney Architect Gene van Grecken explored the dark recesses of his mind setting to work with his draftsmanship skills to produce a leather-bound book called ‘Aphrodisia’ which he restricted to just 200 copies. ‘Aphrodisia’ is certainly not your usual coffee table book, and it’s much too large to hide in a brown paper bag, but it goes without saying that the level of skill used to produce the 52 ‘erotic’ plates is remarkable. It’s not to everyone’s taste but tastes do change and perhaps a framed print might find a suitable home in your boudoir.

Also, in the sale are a number of items relating to Hugh Hefner’s ‘Playboy’ franchise. Apparently, the green colour of the ‘Bunny Ears’ on offer tells us that they were worn by a hostess from the Chicago Club, although I can’t verify this fact as I’ve never visited. There is also an original ‘Bunny Tail’ which is definitely a politically incorrect reminder of a bygone era.

For more mainstream collectors we have a selection of movie posters and lobby cards from some of the great movies of the past including a massive poster from the 1944 release of National Velvet. Split into three sections to cover its two by one metre expanse is has seen some wear and tear but it is still remarkable that the tree pieces have stayed together for 75 years.

In the area of pop culture, we have some fan booklets for ‘Elvis Presley’ and ‘the Beatles’ Some rare LP records as well as a fan photo of ‘the Beatles’ signed by all four on their Australian Tour in 1964. Australia was one of the first countries to embrace ‘Beatlemania’ drawing huge crowds in the country’s capital cities. They were certainly a pop phenomenon that will never be repeated.

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