Auction 165 Highlights

Welcome to Smalls Auctions Sale 165.

In troubled times people look to Gold as a solid investment. Not so much as an investment vehicle but as a safe haven should the Fiat currencies in which they hold their assets suddenly head south. One has only to look at the recent precipitous plunge in the value of the Russian Rouble to observe that even the Russian Oligarchs are much poorer today than before Putin launched his invasion of the Ukraine.

In our sale we have on offer a Gold Nugget of impressive proportions that captures wealth that can be held in your hand. Found by a lucky prospector at Coolgardie in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia it weighs in at an impressive 19.6 Troy ounces of almost pure Gold. It presents as the ultimate paperweight for someone who can trust their staff or acquaintances or whose office resembles Fort Knox. Certainly, Gold can also rise and fall with changing World events but if you invest in physical Gold it remains a finite reserve of wealth that can be traded in a relatively liquid market.

To the pessimists. of which I am a reluctant card-carrying member, the World Order continues to fracture and it’s more than likely that halcyon days of Western Civilisation, that were shattered with the fall of the Twin Towers, are well and truly behind us. Perhaps a Gold Nugget is another way to recapture the Golden times?

Also, in the sale are lots of Jewellery, Coins, Banknotes and Historical Medals which we hope will pique your collector interests.

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