Auction 146 Highlights

Welcome to Smalls Auctions Sale 146

This Sale offers over one hundred lots of Australian and world coins for both the collector and the investor. It begins with a section of better grade Australian coins mostly in raw state although there is a small selection of third-party graded pieces. Whether in or out of the holders you can be assured of the quality of the coins on offer.

In the World coins there is another cameo selection of rarer issues from the East Africa and British West Africa series including a ‘Mule’ of the British West Africa 1936 H 'Edward VIII' Penny struck with a 'British East Africa Reverse' NGC MS62.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a ‘Mule’ is the pairing of two dies that should never have come together and occurs when either an obverse or reverse die is inadvertently left in the presses when production of a new coin mintage begins. In this case the Heaton Mint paired up a British West Africa obverse with an East African reverse when it was switching production. The error is usually picked up fairly quickly and so the ‘mules’ that make it into circulation are generally very rare.

Most of the African coins sit in the top five of known surviving examples and were originally in the collections of Remick, Ford and Freehill, who were renowned collectors of the series, so it will be difficult to find better examples.

There is also a strong selection of the coins of Sarawak and a rarely offered Ionian Islands 1819. Proof Obol PCGS PR63 BN dating from the period of British Control.  And for those pusuing ‘top of the pops’ coins we have a Fiji 1936 Sixpence PCGS MS65 which is the single finest known. For both serious and novice coin collectors we are sure there is something in the sale for you to consider.

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