Auction 124 Highlights

Welcome to Smalls Auctions Sale 124.

In this sale we have included a small collection of Edwardian Brooches mostly in 9ct Gold. The hallmarks of these brooches were their intricate beauty and affordability. It was the era of Seed Pearls, semi-precious Gemstones and designs that captured in their hidden meanings a bond to a special partner. Perhaps a little more subtle and affordable than “Diamonds are Forever” but if you are more inclined to a simple statement then the Tiffany & Co solitaire Diamond Ring in a classic Platinum setting might just be for you.

We have also included a small selection of  rare ethnographic photographs from the mid-19th Century to the early 20th Century which capture on film Australia’s Aboriginal population. The names of Lindt, Ehlers, Foelsche, Kerry & King were synonymous with producing these exquisite collectables.

Of interest also is an Aboriginal King Plate. We have estimated this as a later copy as it appears to have been artificially antiqued although it should still hold some collector interest. It was inscribed “Major General Latouche Tambo Barcoo Queensland,” which matches with a rare £1 Store Note from the Carranga Stores at Tambo dated 16th March 1869 which is also in the sale. Store notes were an integral part of the economy in 19th Century Australia and often capture a unique regional history. The other store note in the sale was issued in the 1870s at Normanton on the Gulf of Carpentaria and was cashable at the stores of Messrs Burns and Philip whose later partnership formed one of Australia’s great trading companies.

There are several early Australian Colonial notes including the spurious ‘Austilin Bank’ £1, printed by Wilson, who was mentioned in the court proceedings against the issuer Thomas Saulsbury Wright who was on trial for fraud. In court testimony Constable Alexander Brown, who conducted the search (of Wright’s premises) explained that the plates were ‘engraved by a person named Wilson in York Street (Sydney)’ who seemed to be the go-to-person for anyone wanting passable banknotes printed, as he had earlier provided plates and printed notes for another dubious venture ‘The Bank of Newcastle.’ An exceedingly rare ‘Bank of Newcastle’ £10 bearing the imprint of Wilson, Sydney is also included in the sale.

Also of interest are two very desirable Explorer medals both connected to Australia. A silver medal dated 1778 celebrates the life of ‘Daniel Solander’ who accompanied Cook on the voyage that ‘discovered’ the East Coast of Australia in 1770. The second medal commemorates the 1801 voyage of ‘Nicholas Baudin’ to the South Pacific on the orders of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte whose romanesque side-portrait is featured on the medal mimicking that of King George III on Cook’s  Resolution and Adventure Medal and King Louis XVI who appeared on the La Perouse Medal.

We hope that you will find something in our Sale that piques your collecting interests.

Smalls Auctions