Auction 112 Highlights

Welcome to Smalls Auctions Sale 112.

We are in the home straight with our renovation of the Smalls Auction Gallery and the adjoining Lautrec Café. Local authorities will sign off on the buildings works shortly and we will be changing back to weekly auctions with the option of live room bidding. If you are in the area you we hope you will drop in to introduce yourself and take advantage of our offer of a free coffee while you bid.

In this sale we have included a strong selection of banknotes including the rare ‘star replacement’ issues. Before the digital age, these notes were inserted into bank bundles to maintain a consecutive sequence by replacing notes that were damaged in the printing process.  A teller would look at the first and last numbers in a bundle and be assured that they were receiving 100 notes because at the end of the day they would be held accountable for any shortfalls. These days with the advent of scanners and precision scales they have fallen out of use and they have only survived in exceedingly small numbers. Most of the Decimal Star notes in our sale must have been put aside by astute tellers as they are in pristine condition and are amongst the finest known. The selection of Australian Pre-decimal notes is also worth serious consideration with some rare varieties including a Collins - Allen £1 which has the highest serial number of the twenty or so surviving notes.

As usual there is a good selection of Australian and World coins to interest collectors as well as a cameo selection of fine jewellery.

Happy bidding

Smalls Auctions