Auction 107 Highlights

East is East & West is West

Welcome to Smalls Auctions Sale No. 107.

In this sale we are offering a comprehensive collection of coins from British East Africa and British West Africa derived from the collections of the eminent collectors Remick, Pridmore, Ford and Freehill.

Many of the coins on offer are the finest known while most others are on equal terms with the best coins graded by either NGC or PCGS. Suffice to say that the quality of the coins on offer is not to be repeated so it is your best opportunity to fill long empty gaps in your collection.

For collectors new to the series the coins of East Africa circulated in the British colonies of Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda, British Somaliland and Zanzibar while the coinage of West Africa was used in the colonies of Gambia, Sierra Leone, Gold Coast and Nigeria.

We hope you enjoy this numismatic excursion into the colonial history of the ‘Dark Continent’.

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