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Smalls Auctions Sale 101


World Coins A to Z

In this sale we are looking back through the prism of coins to the World Pre-Globalization with national borders as defined in the 1980s.

Since the advent of currency, coins have reflected the progress of a nation revealing in their designs and composition the politics and commerce of the society they support. As an example, each ascending Roman Emperor was quick to stamp his face on coins to telegraph far and wide that there was a new ‘top dog’ in charge. And even today modern mints churn out commemorative coin issues to remind people of the glory days of their societies.

We have largely managed to include the Alphabet of countries only falling short on the letter ‘X’. We wanted to ask Olivia Newton John if she had any coins from ‘Xanadu’ left over in her purse, but she would not take our calls. Perhaps she’s not a coin collector ?

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