Smalls Auctions ‘Specialised’ Weekly Sales

In the coming months, Smalls Auctions is undergoing extensive renovations to our Paddington premises and so we are unable to accommodate our monthly ‘live’ auction sales in our rooms.

However, the good news for Smalls Auctions customers is that we will be introducing smaller specialised ‘timed’ sales each week for the duration of the renovation.

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Since the advent of currency, coins have reflected the progress of a nation revealing in their designs and composition the politics and commerce of the society they support. Therefore, it was important that the new Australian coinage was recognisable, consistent and trusted.

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A Diverse Range of Collectables

Over the course of each month, Smalls Auctions will continue to offer the same diverse range of collectables for which we are well known but spread across more frequent ‘specialised’ sales that target the specific interests of collectors.


Our Upcoming Sales

We are certain that whatever your area of collecting there will be something on offer to sate your interest with our Weekly Online Auctions.

For the added convenience of our customers, Smalls Auctions has introduced Apple (IOS) and Android Apps which allows bidders to keep up to date with our sales on their mobile devices. These links to the ‘free’ Apps can be found at the bottom of our Home Page.

Collecting has never been more interesting at Smalls Auctions.

And it’s as easy as clicking on the links.

Auction 183: The Coin that Never Was

12th August - 21st August: The Coin that Never Was

Auction Number 183 is now live and scheduled to run between August 12th and August 21st.

This Sale is currently online.

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Auction 182: Concluded

5th August - 14th August: Rare Colonial & Australian Coins, Jewellery and Collectables

Auction Number 182 ran from August 5th till August 14th.

This Sale has now concluded.

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Auction 181: Concluded

29th July - 7th August: Rare Australian Banknotes, & Other Curios

Auction Number 181 ran from July 29th till August 7th.

This Sale has now concluded.

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Auction 180: Concluded

22nd July - 31st July: Rare Macarthur Medal, Australian Banknotes, Jewellery & Other Collectables

Auction Number 180 ran from July 22nd till July 31st.

This Sale has now concluded.

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August 12, 2022

Auction 183 Highlights

August 5, 2022

Auction 182 Highlights

SALE 183 LOT 63


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